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About the Australian unicycle hockey league

About the Australian Unicycle Hockey League

A proposal was made at the 2013 annual general meeting of the Australian Unicycle Society (AUS), to start an Australian unicycle hockey league.

A unicycle hockey league will provide an incentive to play unicycle hockey games, and hopefully help to publicise and grow the sport. At the moment, games are largely played for fun and on an ad hoc basis.

It should be noted that the Australian Unicycle Hockey League is still in the early stages of development and hence is subject to change. This page explains the proposed structure of the league.

An official web site is planned, but in the meantime, you can visit the Facebook page:



  • The league will consist of tournament matches played throughout the year. The tournament matches will be used to determine the top teams which will then play-off for the Australian title.
  • Each tournament will only run between 4 - 8 teams.
  • Tournaments with 4 - 6 teams will be played in a round-robin fashion (each team plays each other team).
  • Tournaments with 7 - 8 teams will be split in to two groups.
  • The final tournament will consist of the top four teams on the league table.
  • Each team's position on the league table will be based on the team's total points from its best five tournaments for the year.
  • Points are based on the number of teams in the tournament. For instance, in a five team tournament, 1st place is awarded five points, 2nd place is awarded four points, etc., with points being shared for equal positions on the table.
  • Each team in the league is encouraged to coordinate and run at least one tournament per year.
  • The league will be separate to the UniNats (Australian national unicycling championships) hockey competition matches.



  • Any costs associated with the venue are to be split between the teams at each tournament game.
  • AUS membership is required (for insurance purposes).


Game Rules

Games will be played according to the International Unicycling Federation's competition rules.


Getting Involved

If you would like to know more about unicycle hockey, or would like to see the game, you are welcome to attend one of our hockey games, or one of our Wednesday night unicycling sessions (see our front page).


If you are interested in joining (or forming) a team, please fill out the Unicycle Hockey Sign-up Page.


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