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Unicycle Hockey

Videos/photos related to unicycle hockey.

Severn Wheelers Unicycle Hockey Team on TV
An ITV TV show interviewing the Severn Wheelers unicycle hockey team in the UK.
Unicon XV - Unicycle World Championships: Hockey Finals - Germany vs Switzerland
YouTube video of the unicycle hockey finals at UniCon XV (in New Zealand, 2010). Germany v Switzerland. It is difficult to see the ball against the floor.
Unicycle Hockey Day: Canberra, 15 Jul 2012
Some video from a Unicycle Hockey Day in Canberra
Today Show's coverage of the Unicycle Hockey Day 2012
A video of the story the Channel Nine's Today Show's story on unicycle hockey. This was filmed during the unicycle hockey day held in Canberra on 15th July 2012.
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